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Hi all,
I'm a very rusty developer who did some web/intranet development ~10 years ago, then got side-tracked and let it slide gradually.
I was asked to rebuild an ASP website in Asp.Net ~1.5 years ago for work, which was obviously a stretch for me, but actually went well.
Other than that, seriously minimal web stuff over last 10 years.
So I'd guess much of my knowledge is gone or dated.
I'm no designer(can't stress that enough!), just back-end coder, but that said have previously produced websites in HTML/Javascript/CSS/ASP/TSQL/ADO/XHTML. Yes they looked like total sh!t but worked quite well!
Anyway I need to refresh my skills now so I guess I'll be swotting up on Asp.Net(with VB), XHTML, CSS, TSQL, ADO, perhaps Javascript and, time permitting, some Jquery and AJAX.
So why am I here? Well I just wondered if this is the kind of forum where I could get advice on the above-mentioned languages/technologies, and possibly submit a practice website to be ripped to shreads, ahem, I mean for constructive criticism? ;)
Thank you.