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Junior Member
Hi there, I am a newbie to graphic design and am eager to learn and create as much as I possibly can. I sometimes even dream about a project I am working on and wake up with an "AHA" moment! I love GD and can't wait to get better as I can't always accomplish the ideas I have in my head. I have taken 1 semester of InDesign, Photoshop and Web Design. Next semester I will be taking the next installment of InDesign (or maybe Illustrator) and Photoshop. I am excited to have found a group of potentially like minded designers I can learn from and inspired by as well as teach and inspire!~ Raven


Senior Member
Hi there. I'm sure there's plenty of threads on here that you will find helpful. Don't be shy about resurrecting a few of the older ones.
I wish there had been forums when i was starting out - so much knowledge to tap into it, enjoy it mate. Im 20 years long in this industry and the beauty is you never stop learning :)