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Hey all,

So.... I have just returned from a year away working and traveling around Australia, now i am back in bonnie Scotland and it's time to update the old portfolio and redesign my website. I also figured this forum would come in handy, so look out for me asking many, many questions in the near future, regarding jobs (or lack off) and such like...




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cheers, i spent 7 months living, working and drinking in Sydney, and the rest of the time was spent traveling up the east coast, picking fruit, to earn my 2nd year visa. It's an awesome country, and i hope to move back there early next year :)


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oh cool, which part of sydney?

flatmate worked on george street in a camera store just near the apple store.

good to hear you liked it out there :)


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Just finished reading Terry Pratchett's "The Last Continent", a book about a place that's "not Australia but is, here and there, a bit... australian". Welcome to the forum.