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Good morning
Started to self study web design/development end of last year after being made redundant from banking (no I wasn’t one of the ones that messed everything up).

I have sorted xHTML & CSS; I’m ok(ish) in PS and other CS4 and I am in the process of learning the following:

· Wordpress
· JQuery /javascript
· Flash
And the list will grow for ever more.

I’m really struggling with getting time to learn as I am putting some fair hours in at work so that’s why on a sunny Sunday morning I’m sat on my PC again.. ! I’m one pasty geek –lol.

Hope to get to know some people and get some help form some to (and if people are that desperate or the question is easy I might help one or two as well).




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Hi, welcome aboard!

I'm working on learning some of those coding languages you mentioned too.:) There are some here who are really good at those as I have found, and will offer sound advice if you ever need. See you around the boards.


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Welcome to DF. If you want to learn PHP i would go down the book route. Yes there is so much on the internet about it but reading a php book from start to finishing following exercises will help alot :) I am doing the same at the moment and am managing well.