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Newbie saying Hi

Hi everyone,

I joined up today and just wanted to introduce myself.

I am a painter and decorator by trade but was recently laid off. I have had an interest in learning website design for quite a while, so i thought i would take some light out of a dark situation by finally learning website design, and hopefully take a new career path hopefully.

I would really appreciate any help/info re: learning website design such as sites to learn from, books, software etc.

Kind Regards,


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Hey Steve. Welcome to the forums.

Sad to hear you've been laid off, but hopefully this will be a turning point in your career.

Regarding learning web design, there's two main areas to learn.
  1. The design side [Photoshop & Illustrator are the norms]
  2. The coding [XHTML & CSS are all you need for starters]

Regarding learning Photoshop & Illustrator, they don't come cheap. You could look into going into college (there's one in Southend that has an over 18's class, may be others nearer you) and learn it there. Then you could purchase a student edition of the software which is significantly cheaper, whilst learning it at college and gaining a small qualification, albeit a miniscule one.

If you have the software, I would be looking to do tutorials, where people will guide you through a process to get an outcome, a great way to learn little bits.

Sites such as:Tuts+ Network & http://www.good-tutorials.com/

Regarding learning the coding side, w3schools will be invaluable. Others should be able to give you more resources on that front. I find the best way to learn coding is trial and error. Play around with it, see what comes up and from there work out what each bit of code does and how you could use it.

Good luck, if you have any questions just ask!


p.s. Remember that we all started at the same point, anythings possible, just keep working at it and be patient.
Hello Xenonsoft,

Thank you very much for all the info that you supplied, its much appreciated.

I am planning on learning HTML/CSS first and maybe create a demo website which i can use for trying out the stuff that i am learning, which can also be used for my portfolio further along the line, so the W3 school was extremely useful.

As for software, i have downloaded the Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition to start with for doing tutorials, exercises etc.

What software are the professionals using, is Dreamweaver the industry standard or is Microsoft Expression Web 2 a comparable product?

Thank you for your time and answers in advance,

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your job - hopefully this will be the start of something more positive for you.

Now onto what programs you should be using.

If you are planning on learning and understanding xhtml and css this can be done with Word Pad or something a bit more advanced like Note Pad++, you don't need an all singing and dancing program to do any coding.

If it's the design that you want to do as well you would need to learn a program like Photoshop so that you can convert the designs into a xhtml template that can be built in a program like Dreamweaver.

As for industry standards I suppose it's whatever works best for you, however Dreamweaver is highly recognised as an industry standard it just depends what you use the program for.

I hope this helps, and I wish you luck for the future.
Hello Green Sheep Designs,

Thank you for the welcome and wishes.

As you have said i am looking to do the designing and coding so will be looking at learning both sides but concentrating on xhtml and css coding first and then move on to the photoshop side of things.

Thank you for the recommendations on the software choices as its very much appreciated.

Hello all,

Just a quick update: I have downloaded Notepad++ and i have just started to go through the tutorials on HTML Dog and the question i have is that is it a good to concentrate on learning HTML first and then move on to CSS or can i learn both at the same time as HTML Dog's lessons are structured as:

HTML Beginner
CSS Beginner
HTML Intermediate
CSS Intermediate etc.



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You can do them seperately if you feel more comfortable doing so, or together if that's what seems more natural.

In the end they'll go hand in hand, but you can do the HTML first and then learn about CSS afterwards if it seems easier to you :).