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Newbie Designer, First time Portfolio advice?

Hey DF!

So, i'm finally out of uni, and after a bunch of failed attempts at getting
a graphic design job, (most of which didn't req a portfolio). I'm trying to
put together a proper portfolio. My skills lie in Photography, Print design,
and some of what lies in between.

I'm still kinda new, and compared to some of you guys a total beginner.
Do you have any advice on how to get a good portfolio started up?


my reason for asking is that I want to submit an application to the
job agency "designstudiopeople.com" and they require my CV,
portfolio and portrait photo.
No, sorry it's not without content; I meant more like a suitable portfolio design.
I've got a range of content to feature within it, but I want the design to match the
quality of the content whilst maintaining professionalism.
Bang in your best work and go with it. Simples.
Be prepared to talk about the design, the thought behind it and all that stuff.
Always do your homework re the company that's interviewing you.

Good luck.
With the portfolio presentation itself, try to lay it out in a way that flows. That can be hard with different mediums and things, but try your best to bring it together, like laying out a magazine.
Your presentation of self/portfolio is going to be big in landing a job, imo.
cheers all,

I think i've got a solid design in mind.
Thanks for the tips. Sorting through the
old trash I used to make- it's nice to see
a timeline of your own skill sometimes!

anyways, cheers again :)


Senior Member
A fellow Brendan!

If your looking for an online presence there are tonnes of ways of presenting a great portfolio without building one from scratch yourself.

behance.net could be a good option, otherwise deviant art offer a free portfolio type thing.