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New Years Resolutions


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Anyone got any resolutions or goals in the pipeline that they may attempt to achieve next year?

My Resolution is to go home one set day a week, on time and have tea with my family.


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Haha Aarlev, very courageous!

My new years resolution is to try and delve further into the wonderfully difficult world of PHP


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Aarlev said:
My New Years Resolution is the same as the last 14 years, which is to quit smoking. :)
Great tip to quit smoking: ( I did, almost to the day 4 years ago) it's all about willpower.
1. Stop before Christmas as you are in the house with family and you they can keep you straight ( if they don't smoke that is)
2. Every day you don't smoke put what you would spend on a packet of cigs in a large jar every morning without fail.
3. At the end of the week you will see how much you have saved.
4. At the end of the first month you will be amazed more.

It is a visual indicator of your efforts plus the financial reward also.

After 4 months of quiting and saving, I took the wife to Barcelona for a city break with the money I saved. In one year i saved £1200, the equivilent of a new Mac, or a weeks holiday for 2 in Europe.
Havn't smoked since, and I don't smell like an ashtray. Oh and my son is glad that I won't die now.


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First year I've ever had one but im working towards it already, have quite a few plans but im definately working towards expanding my knowledge and portfolio for graphic design and also making/selling a few of my peices of furniture - if all goes to plan develop more and expand into a business! exciting times.


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We used to say to dad, we'll stop eating sweets if you stop smoking - needless to say it didn't work! Although saying that, he did 'quit' for a while and bought a brand new Ford Escort, which he kept for 10 years haha

I've never really made any true resolutions, but I would rather like to think that by this time next year that, I've learned to cook proper food, had the gas/electric updated in the new house, advanced further in my skills / knowledge at work and possibly been lucky enough to have a holiday in the sun :D
1) Get Better at Trumpet
2) Become better at Internet Marketing
3) Become better at Website Design
4) Make some Cash
5) Get Healthy
6) Complete a Project
7) Beat a Video Game

I like the number seven, so I've set seven goals, haha.
`Same as every year.

Nee tabs.
Drive slower.
Lose the kite.
Do the great north run.
Go to bed early.
Do more around the house. -
Blah Blah blah.

B****cks - this year im going to have one resolution - do what the hell i want. (and do it well).


I try not to do resolutions. If I don't keep to them I feel guilty, so I tend not to bother at all.