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New Website

Hi everyone,

My site is still under construction but i think i have the base started now.

If you could comment on things i could improve it would be greatly appreciated:)




Staff member
the size of the macbook would do my head in, it's too wide compared with the vertical line below it - needs to be the same so it's like a column in my view.

header alignment is off balanced in my view and I also think the menu is missing something but not sure what.
Thanks Levi, i will sit down this weekend and sort it out, now you have raised the point about the laptop size, i feel like i have OCD and i NEED to move it, it's doing my head in lol:p


Senior Member
Get rid of 'wannabe' from your home page.

Also, if its just you working freelance and this is your online portfolio, why does it say 'us' everywhere? You don't have to make yourself sound like a multi-disiplinary design studio if you're one-man operation.

Thanks for your comments:)

I appreciate you finding 'issues' on my site and i am grateful as i am very new to this and i didnt really know where to start.

I need to sit down and redo my 'content' this weekend.

Thanks again:)