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new website required

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by johntt, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. johntt

    johntt Junior Member

    Hi all

    I am looking for someone to design a new website for me. I am based in the uk but happy to look at designers based elsewhere. The site I require is pretty basic with max 10 pages. It will need to have a contact us form on most pages where people can fill out their details and requirements to ask us to get in touch. I have a lot of experience in utilising websites but am looking for quotes for someone who can quickly put together this new site for me. You will need to provide designs etc before implementation based on info I will provide.

    The site will need to be w3c compliant and seo optimised, with really clean coding.

    As I said I am in a rush and do not have to do it myself! If you require any money in advance then I will require you to provide details of other sites you have created. However if there are some budding designers/website builders out there who do not have a portfolio as yet then I am willing to consider them also on a "pay on approval" scheme

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Any takers...?
  3. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    I have moved this into the correct forum.

    John, you may wish to state your budget, generally this will result in more replies.
    If you have no success with your post, feel free to check out my sig. I can help.
  4. gwebhostuk

    gwebhostuk Junior Member

    Hi John,

    have u hired someone or still you are looking for?
  5. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    If this still needs doing give me a shout, my website / work can be viewed by clicking on my portfolio link in my signature.
  6. this thread was started 2 months ago... i'm pretty sure the jobs gone or done by now.
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