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New website launch


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Hi guys,

Today I'm finishing work on Holland Rad. It's a website for a company that rents out a ferris wheel. The content is in Dutch.

The goal was to give the visitor the full ferris wheel experience. There is a night version between sundown and sun-up in The Netherlands.

Looking forward to your thoughts. This is the first time I'm showing it.
Hi Jeroen,

Welcome to Design Forums! Are you looking for feedback on the design, or do you only want feedback on the development side of things?



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I'm looking for feedback on the design.

On this project I did the site design and development. The illustration of the wheel I had done by another freelancer here in Holland and the flash animation by a freelancer in Aruba. For the logo I also hired somebody.

Oh, I also hired somebody for wireframes lol but I didn't use them.

So what do you think of the design?
Hello Jeroen

Few things:

Animation should be at somewhere at top. At bottom is useless, user expect footer there then animation, and I prefer photos instead of flash animation on this :p

Background for content is too dark for me. Header is white and this dark. Not matching.

Under Opera there are no rounded corners. You used -moz-border-radius and something for IE. I don't think this is good idea. I prefer use graphic instead. Try to make this universal.

Home, this animation take whole screen then after few second menu appear - I dont like this. Try to show what you have in the beggining then this. Beware of intros on site.

3 dots (stars) on the left of content. Delete them, looks not from this world ;)

What is for plus:

Logo: looks very cool

Contact: I like this script but I dont see there an e-mail :(

Try to spend there few more hours and will be good. For help use my quick proposition



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Hi, my crit of the site ( and this is from a concept and idea level not coding/fine tuning etc)
It doesn't matter what language it is in, great communication ideas cut across barriers. My crit from my viewpoint is, that it just touches the surface of what could be explored. As a CD my brief to the team would be; Ferris Wheel = speed, emmotion, busy, people, night, movement, noise, excitement, music, lights. From a client design proposition I would need to reflect those salient selling points in the execution. Communicating those selling tangibles = persuasion to hire the product. That is the ultimate aim of the website - to persuade a someone to invest in hiring a Ferris Wheel to create income. It's about a desire to exchange money. The moving lights on the flash animation just touches the surface of what could be. The whole thing needs taking up to a few levels, as their is 2-3 level you could eventually each. This is great opportunity to do some amazing stuff ( if the budget could allow) It's the difference between good and great. It's all a question of how far you want to push it....


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Thanks Chaqal and Berry. Great to hear from you.

Indeed beware of intros. The idea behind the home page is that you see the ferris wheel, the logo and speech bubbles with references of clients. I'm not so pleased with the header sliding in from the top but the client insisted.

Berry. The company rents out the ferris wheel for parties and the people take rides for free.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to spend one or two hours more on it.