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New website, feedback needed!

Hi everyone!

I'm London based fashion photographer. I need your feedback on my newly updated website: Joanna Kustra

It has the full desktop version and a basic mobile one.
The more sophisticated mobile support is work in progress...




Staff member
it's flash so it's too slow and I didn't wait. If the picture is what is there then there doesn't look to be anything that couldn't be done using javascript and html
It's a nice design and you have some really nice shots, but as Levi said, Flash sites can have issues.

The site loaded quickly for me, but it won't for everybody. Also, if you plan on being found on Google, although I'm guessing it's not too important, you'll still struggle to get anywhere.
Thanks guys for your suggestions!
Indeed flash site might have some drawbacks, that's why I'm preparing separate version only for mobiles (right now it's very basic) I hope that will solve the problem, at least for now.



Active Member
Really like your pictures Joanna, your website loaded OK for me it must be just Levi and his **** internet connection ; )
Amazing pictures and a really nice clean and vibrant website. I also love the slight pan in effect on the photos when you select a new category. The main site loaded in about 3 seconds for me so no problem there. Levi must have been trying to load it on his Atari. ;)


Website looks pretty good and loaded quickly for me. I love how you look for a single fault on a website and then use that as an excuse to not bother giving any kind of constructive criticism Levi ;)