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New Website: Feedback needed

Hi Anette,

Your background cuts off in higher resolutions.

Your site is called Anette Taylor Design so I was expecting to see Design, but instead all I can see on the front page is Photography. I'd put you Design work on the frontpage instead. Or at least some of your most recent work.

Your identity is a bit lost and just looks like plain text in Arial or something? Maybe create a more impactful identity? Especially since you're a Graphic Designer, I'd just expect a bit more from your personal branding. Your welcome text should have more impact as well. It just looks the same as the blog posts and I don't feel enticed to read it.

The menu is a bit annoying. I clicked on the text first before I figured out that I had to click the small arrow.

The info text on your portfolio pages looks untidy. I'd either left or right align the titles and text. It's also far too close to the right edge and needs more padding. Make things line up as well, some of the work is above the headings and some of it below and so on.

Some of your work looks really good, but just feels a bit lost. Maybe simplify the design a bit to make your work stand out more and make it the focus of the site? The background demands too much attention right now in my opinion.

Just my 2 cents for now. Hope that helps!



Active Member
Hi Annette,

Personally I don't think it's different enough from the Wordpress theme you're using to really show yourself as a designer? (For anyone else reading, the original theme is here > Demo Site)

As you're advertising yourself as a designer I would have thought you would use the opportunity of your own portfolio site to show what you can do? Or at least have modified the theme to show a bit of unique-ness from the almost standard theme. It's hard to see past that and give any other feedback as it feels like I'm critiquing the theme rather than your site/work.

It feels like a missed opportunity, especially with your own logo, I always find it's a good idea to start with your own logo/identity as the basis for branding a site, so perhaps that could inspire you?

Thanks guys, the branding and customising the theme is still in progress, I plan to have my own branding on the site by midweek, as I am new to Wordpress and I am still finding my feet, but found it to be very useful for designers who can not code html.
Ill keep you up to date with my progress.
Thought you had designed the site yourself but after seeing the Wordpress theme Greg posted it's a bit of an overstatement to say that you designed it. You didn't change anything at all. You're still saying this on the blog though. "I'm really pleased to be unveiling my new site. It’s been a lot of work, but I think it looks fantastic and that you’ll agree". Not really much work involved in downloading a WP theme. You just wasted my time trying to give you feedback on a Web Design that I thought was yours.

And why did you put those new design pieces on the front page as if they're your own? Cause that Milk typography thing is just a blatant copy of this. It's fine to do tutorials but at least put your own twist on it.

If you can't code, then hire a Web Developer to do it if you want a bespoke site, otherwise use Behance, Indexhibit etc.