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New website design


Senior Member
The design is good. Let's start out with that :up:

I don't like the big image you're using, especially because it contains a link (the most important link of all => contact). The link isn't clickable; I guess you could add a hotspot to it but I think you should just code the top part of your site completely. With some clever measuring you could divide it into three columns so you don't have to cut up any images. Staying within the header, you should switch around your content; put your logo on the top left and the quote on the right.

Moving down. The separators are too hard on the eyes and maybe even unneccesary. The navigation needs more attention, it wasn't very obvious to me that it was the navigation because it had your validator links in it (so I assumed it was the footer).

Moving on to the next page. I like how the main image switches but I was slightly annoyed by the fact that the content seemed to be near identical. Again with three columns at the bottom, with the same title and almost the same content. And where did your CSS validator go? Did it fail the validation for that specific page or something?

The next two pages (portfolio and templates) are nice but here it is very obvious that those separators were a bad idea because you are now using only using part of your website. I like the idea of switching the preview images, but it would be much better if you would give a short description of that project in the header. So you really could use some good HTML for the top part of your site.

The last two pages seem to have some problems with the padding for the content. And also I see the same three columns at the bottom for those two pages. Why not implement those two pages into one page?

I hope this was some constructive criticism, welcome to DF, don't leave :)


Senior Member
First thing I notice is the bad recreated iMac. Sorry to be negative, but its' very obvious to me that it's not a real Apple computer. The mouse looks weird and the border on the screen looks really squashed.

I also dont like the secondary colour, which looks a bit murky. Brighten it up a bit maybe.

There is also a lot of really unnecessary text on the page. To be honest, I dont care about what you do - I want to see what you CAN do. Wheres your work? The portfolio link should be more obvious than that - or maybe links to sites you've done before.

The image in Services is totally bizarre. I get the symbolism, but make it more design oriented, or you just look like another pompous design agency that likes to "make your work stand out from the crowd blah blah".

Keep working on it!


Senior Member
The top section doesnt work for me either.

The imac graphic looks poor - why not try an actual photo? HERE but just add the apple logo in yourself.

Also, why do you have a slightly different version of your website showing inside the imac screen? That just confused me and made me think that you dont have any other work to show?!

I definitely agree with Onartis that your header should be rearranged with your logo to the left hand side...just looks odd and "messy" to me.

On your actuall portfolio pages, I agree with you that you need a preview of the website...but where is the link to the website?!? I want to actually use the website youve built and designed, not just see screen shots of them. Maybe add a small descrition of each one aswell if you decide to code your top left imaged area...would be a better choice in my opinion.

By the way - I prefer this design for your website too ;)



Junior Member
Hi no1chance23

Well done on posting your site for a critique, takes balls.

I think your colour scheme is ok, quite businesslike but I agree with jHouse that the secondary colour is a "little murky".

The header for me is a little confused - I'm looking for a strong message but I'm jumping around it trying to settle on one thing. And sort that email link out, first thing I did was to rollover it.


Senior Member
As said before I think, you header doesn't really attract me, it more confuses me. The logo etc should've been top left, people like to see consistency with sites like that. Also, the mac graphic doesn't look sh*te, it just doesn't look amazing, and overlapping it onto the top line of the header just does nothing for me. Make everything simple. Great you've got a iMac image with a screenshot, but does it need to overlap anything or stick out to be noticed? Just the simple image would get my notice.