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New VBulletin Theme

Hi All,

Long time since I have been on here, and still keeping up the great standards I see.

I was wondering if you can help me out a little maybe? I have wanted to create a forum for a while now, and I have been on and off, mainly off to be honest, but I want to try it back again, so I am after some help and advice if you have some time.

I am trying to create a music styled forum, where people talk about music, so musicly themed the website has to be.

First off here is what I have at the moment, flintshiremusic.com/forum which I was developing, but I soon become bored by this, I wanted a more simpler approach like you have here, not a grunge based, so in Photoshop I made the layout I am happy with, but colour scheme I am really struggling with, so I was wondering if you minded helping a little on a colour scheme. I have looked at all colour scheme websites, tried loads and can't find something I am happy with, so do you have any ideas?

Here is the layout of what I am looking for, please bare in mind, more will be added to it, especially the header.


But I just can't get the music feel, any suggestions?

Thanks for your time


what sort of music in particular Craig? Or is it a broad music spectrum sort of thing?


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I really recognise the design, especially the headers with the wrap round bit, it looks pretty much identical, although I can't for the life of me remember what site it is.

Unless its a tutorial? I can't remember


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it's the current "out of the box" trend everyone and their dog its knocking up...

css tricks uses something similar but I have seen a blog or something with the banners sticking out like that pretty much identically...

The colours really would depend on the type of music I think, at the moment - at the moment they are very folkie to me


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Yeah tbwcf i think it is a blog that i'm talking about, I've been trying to find it all afternoon, can't remember it though!
Well it is mainly an indie/rock type music forum, but it can be any type of music related, as it is a local area music forum, and there is everything that is around here.

And yes, it is a thing that is being applied alot in blogs, as said above CSS-Tricks is using it, but so do From The Couch | CSS Videos | Video Tutorials | Video Interviews But I want to get a unique simple looking blog, and this type of style I don't see about, so I don't see to much of a problem with it, or does everyone not like this layout thing? if so, I can go back to the drawing board.

So colour schemes, what are people thinking?


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I know what the lads mean that it's the new trend, but I've not seen it in forums and it works quite well.

For me, out of those two I prefer the darker one.


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Hi Craig,

I don't see a problem with using it, as you say, I've not seen it in any forums (not that I use any other than this one generally) the only thing with design "trends" is they can lack a bit of originality and date quickly. (I wasn't trying to be bitchy - leave that to the girls).

I'll have a think about colours tomo, right now I've spent far to much time behind the mac today!


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Easiest way for you to try out new colourschemes is to rework your PNG Preview files... I would suggest loading one up and changing the hue/saturation levels.. I dont have ps on this pc so cant double check where it is in the menu but I think its..

Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation levels

Then in the drop down menu choose the colour you want to change, or usr the eye dropper selection tool then move the scroll bars down the bottom to see colour changes... Its not a very sophisticated method but you'll see colours you wouldnt normally choose and its quick for mockup purposes.
Thanks for all your replies :)

Fred - Cheers, I agree that one does look the better, but I don't think it fits in with the music based theme.

Tbwcf - I wasn't implying you was being bitchy, I take constructive critisim nicely, as it makes us better people and designers, as I want this to be an awesome forum design. But I am really thinking about another route maybe for a theme design, what do you think?

br3n - Yeah thats a good idea, but I don't think you get the FULL affect of things when you do it this way, I don't mind spending the time on changing everything if I go through colour schemes, its just getting the suitable colour scheme isnt it.

Any more ideas about anything, colour scheme? different layout? any thoughts would be appreciated.