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New user needs help finding replacement for paint shop pro..


Junior Member
Hi Guys..

I currently look after the advertising / artwork for the company I work for.
I have been using Jasc Paint Shop Pro (V8 i think) for the last 4-5 years to create basic artwork for newspapers, magazines and leaflets.

I have just had to upgrade my computer to Windows 7 and so now need a new software. I see that Paint Shop Pro is now owned by Corel and seems to be a lot more geared towards photography than graphics.

Can anyone please recommend a good replacement for my old software?
I have no preconceptions about ease of use or price and I am willing to put a little time in to learn something new if thats what will be required.

I look forward to your responses...:D


Junior Member
Thanks Typo..
I am fairly familiar with Photoshop for photo editing purposes but never used it to create graphics etc... What / where would you recommend to look for some instuction / tuition.


Senior Member
I use CS5 Premium but there are other packages which are more suitable for editorial designers. It’s expensive, but you can get one-month free trial if you want, before buying it.
I do artwork, advertising and deal with submitted artwork for a newspaper and would thoroughly recommend switching to illustrator for artwork, the quality will be much better (the ability to work with vectors) and to be able to output to PDF/EPS. Might even be able to save money by still using psp just to edit any photos that might be used, although integrating photoshop into the workflow would be much better.

There's also the option of using InDesign but that depends on what you're doing I'd say. I use InDesign to create adverts, illustrator for artwork/logos/vector drawings and photoshop for photo manipulation. But I think it depends on what you're doing exactly and how you like to work, illustrator is perfectly capable of the same things and is a brilliant bit of software.

However if money is an issue you could try Corel Draw, it's like a cheaper and clunkier version of illustrator but does sort of the same thing and let's you work in a vector based environment (I'm not a fan but we get a fair few submitted PDFs created by it and they're perfectly ok)

Best of luck with the transition :)