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New Trojan Virus Scam Warning!!!

Hey everyone, nearly just got caught out by a new Trojan Virus scam and thought I should warn people about it as it's VERY convincing...

Just received a genuine Direct Message on Twitter from someone I'm following and know personally. The message reads "how did they get you on filmm here" with a Facebook link. Since I know this person from modified car shows where a lot of stuff gets filmed and put up on social media I thought he was referring to a show I had been to recently. Clicked on the link and was taken to a webpage the looks EXACTLY like Facebook's login page. Logged in and it took me to a page that looks just like a standard YouTube video embedded in the Facebook framework, but the YouTube video image said that I needed to update my version of Flash. Clicked the update and that's when my virus scanner kicked in!!!

Having looked through the pages again, though everything looks like GENUINE Facebook, the URL is www.funnyfacetime.com!!! Suppose I should have been more awake when it asked me to login, as I have Facebook remember my details on this computer :icon_blushing:

So just be cautious of receiving random Twitter direct messages with links in them that you're not expecting. Luckily my virus scanner was able to clear the Trojan and no harm done, but going to go change my Facebook login details now just in case :icon_frown: