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New to the forum today

Hi People

I have just stumbled across your forum tonight and decided to register. I am freelance web and graphic designer. I still have a 9-5 job (although not sure for how long) and i carry out my design work in my spare time. I have been at this for a few years now and i am now looking at the possibility of making it a full time career. I also work for a web hosting company, doing some freelance stuff for them.

I have a questions, Is there any rules about advertising in my signature. The reason i ask is Web Hosting Company i have worked for would be a useful site for people looking for a reliable company to host their sites. The members here would also get a great deal if they were planning on reselling.

If there are rules about this, then its fine. Its not my main focus for registering. I like the fact that you have critique areas. I would be quite nervous of areas like that but after reading a selection of posts, i found most of the members were quite honest and truthful in their approach. I may even use that service myself.

I am also keen to find out what people think of Wordpress and Wordpress themes. Do you all use them and if so to what extent

I look forward to your comments and i hope to be able to contribute to the forum in time



Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forum Andy. You put what you want in your signature - within the boundaries of good taste and character limits of course :thumb:

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. So long as your signature isn't spammy there's no problem using it to advertise yourself.

Don't be afraid of asking for feedback or even adding an opinion of your own, we're pretty friendly here. :icon_smile:
Thanks for your comments. Hopefully my signature conforms. I am just hopeful it can be of use to any Web Designers or Developers who want a good deal on their Web Hosting Packages.

I am working on a few things now so i will probably ask for critique. A lot of my most recent work has been on wordpress due to time constraints and clients budgets so i was unsure how that would be taken by the purist web designers and devlopers, but after reading a few posts it seems that its quite common now a days for people to choose this route