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New to The Community.

Hey guys and girls, my name is William, you can call me Will for short :) I'm new to the forums as you can tell. I have been browsing the forums as a guest to get a feel for the community and it seems a very nice community, I think I will fit well here.

My experience in graphic design isn't of some of you great artists here, but it is of reasonable stature, I know there are rules to graphic design, rules i have yet to learn to create a good design, some diesgns look really bad, but when rules are applied to them they are transformed into something fantastic.

I hope i learn some of these rules here to put into my work to make it of higher standards.

I mainly work on photo manipulations, retouching, web designs, i do want to be good at all aspects, my main strength lys in 3d graphics, creating photo realistic models. (nod)

Thats all i really have to say :)


Active Member
Hi Will,

Welcome to Design Forums, pleased you decided to take the plunge and sign-up :)
Hopefully you'll be an inspiration for other lurkers on DF! :hat:

I should ask my almost standard intro question now, do you have a portfolio up online?
Hope you enjoy DF! Cheers, Greg
Thanks for your comments, nice to have a warm welcome. I use to have a website but i took time off from design etc but im getting back into it because its something i enjoy and want to make a career out of.

So i only started this portfolio about 2-3 weeks ago, so there wont be much here yet. I also will be creating a person portfolio in the future, just need better quality work to put up first.

William-Bird's Gallery
Thanks :) and thanks for the welcome, Keith115: you said hope you enjoy and take part, what kinde of things does this community do as a community, are there challanges and such?