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New to Design :)


Junior Member
Hello everyone :)

If you read my last post you'll know I'm new to design :) I previously dabbled on Photoshop to do things such as forum signatures and special photo effects but that was it. At work I need to work on using InDesign and Illustrator as I'm not used to all these special tools and buttons etccc!!! I know pen tool that's about it. LOL! But if somebody could send me a few links to some tutorials so I can get to grips with everything and increase my workload that would be awesome!!!! Thanks
Welcome to the wonderful world of design.

I'll put up a couple of links in a sec, I'm sure some others will post some more and better ones soon :p

Firstly, if you're new to design regardless of your job needing you to learn the programs on the fly, you should learn some theory and basics. Rather than letting the programs do the job for you.

Berry posted a list of good books to check out here:

If you do need to look up something. Here's some good video tutorials:
(Free) Free Adobe Creative Suite Tutorials | Layers Magazine
(Paid) Tutorials - Online Training - lynda.com
(optional subscription) Tuts+ Network

There's also a couple of other threads lying around too. Just search to forum, ask questions, play around.

These two threads have tidbits of useful information on learning the basics and theories. Don't get put off by the whole "young bucks" thing, there's a lot of good information.

And, if in doubt, you can always ask!