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New Small Business

Hi, I am starting a metalworking business creating some cool little fire pit rings out of my dads shop. I wanted to start a small online store to see if i could sell anything but i dont know how to create logos. Is there anyone interested in helping me design a logo for "Fire and Ice Metals"
Preferably something that will represent all aspects of that name.

I don't have much money to offer however, I'm sure all people ask for some type of compensation. If you give me a quote ill see what I can do.

I appreciate the help! Thanks.


Staff member
As I'm sure you're aware you wouldn't create metalworks for people for free. There's a skill in it. And you expect to be paid by your labour, craft and size of project.

I'm sure someone can help you out. But a logo isn't what is going to drive your business.

Why not build up your business first, get some capital behind you, then hire a designer to work with you to develop a logo, a brand, etc.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I agree with Hank. Just pick a nice font for now (maybe a lightweight serif) and hire a designer when you have the budget for one. Myself and many others here could probably give you something decent quickly for a reasonable price, but what's "reasonable" may differ.

If there's a market, the product should be good enough to sell on its own. A logo won't make an ounce of difference if people don't want to buy what you're selling, so keep your start-up costs to a minimum until you have a solid customer base. You may find you're better off advertising locally and selling-face to face rather than diving straight into online stores, which often have fees, royalties and severe limitations on your storefront unless you self-host (which will have a considerably higher cost).