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Just wondering if there are any DF members wanting to get involved in a little project of mine :) I really need people who have complaints about the news and want to complain about things generally LOL :) odd request I know :)

If anyone's interested, can you PM me or let me know through this thread so I can contact you about it and see if you would like to be involved :)

Here we bloody go again.

More people wanting stuff, wanting me to what? Complain? Why should i complain? I'm sick of complaining. I complain about this, i complain about that, now you're on here wanting me to complain? Complain for free? On the internet? For free? We'll i'm not bloody having it. I need to speak to someone. Do you have a manager? A supervisor? A line manager? An address i can put my complaint in writing too? An email ddress? Not that anyone actually reads that, thats another thing, who actually decides when a complaint is a complaint or just a nuisance?