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New Screens

they are 20" Screens

and as for the dvd pausing its call of duty world at war on the xbox360, I was working my way through vetran mode! and didnt want to die! lol, however it could of been something a little more naugthy..suppose there are alot of creative minds around the forum ;)
W@W is such a horrible game, so I'm glad I didn't have to see it on the screen :D

and they're 20? They look much bigger than my 22", probably because they're sat next to each other the desktop real estate is lovely
renniks said:
CoD5 is a great multiplayer game, not quite CoD4, but still alot better than most... :)
Agreed, COD:WAW will never be a COD4..Lets see wat MW2 as to offer eh.

As for the screens I am sure they are 20"'s i am gunna check that now! lol
Much bigger COD gamer than anything else. I run a team called Digital Enzyme, we finished 14th in a European Championship last season for Call of Duty 4 was manic! Gears is not a big interest to me, neither is the horrible game Halo!


Senior Member
Still cant get 25-0 on free for all... :( 25-1 and 24-0 (timer) are my best

(had larger streaks on tdm etc.)

Golden M60e4 <3 its the way forward (console only)