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New Project

Just looking for some quick opinion on a WIP.

The brief is a website to promote weekend singing courses featuring West End coaches.

There was zero design guidelines but I like to keep aesthetics as simple as possible.

The desktop version is functional, the mobile/tablet isn't.

Feedback very welcome.



Staff member
Ok...I'll give my first thoughts/impressions and I'll go through it like I would my own work... bullet point as I see it, no particular order :)

  • That bevelled edge bird in the middle of the page looks really bad... would look better without the bevel
  • Not sure the background image really fits the vibe of the bird image though, even though it is related to 'singing'... maybe a more focused on a 'singer' than the mic
  • In my opinion testimonials mean absolutely nothing so why are they the focus on the first page... I'd make the slideshow more relevant, photo's of the coaches in a 'class' settng could work well here.
  • That white heading just isn't sitting right with me for some reason, the menu also moves to the left as you scroll down by clicking on the links
  • why the introduction of green icons, you've used yellow around the bird...
  • not sure I like the choice of 'title font'
  • line spacing could be increased as could font size
  • the lightbox on the coaches could do with a little opacity so you can see it's a lightbox
  • those four 'courses' aren't lining up with the images cleanly, it just looks odd and off balanced with the images top aligned, they also need some padding between the text and the images.