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New product branding

Can't say too much about the product so far but we have gained permission to show off the designs :up:

This product should hit the UK market pretty soon. Will be in all the major stores.

What do you think of the branding?



Senior Member
Not the easiest thing to comment on...

If it was for a childrens night light then I think it would work really well - if it is for Christmas lights then I think the design should be rethought!

A difficult one like I say, but I do love the design you have got as long as it fits the product correctly ;)


Active Member
My feelings are that it gets a bit lost where you have the background feathered out behind the logo, I think it would be stronger if the whole of the background on the "speech bubble" twinkle bit was white (not transparent) then the colours could just follow behind it (like on the second one)... I think that would make the actual branding stronger as its getting a bit lost to me at the moment... As for fitting with the product I wouldn't comment without knowing what it is (obvo some sort of night light) or knowing the brief, but looks like it would work from what we know...


Active Member
Hi Kay,

As Phil and tbwcf have said it would be good to know a little more about the product as to which market it will be entering into, from the looks of the branding I would guess it's childrens night lights, in which case I think it's spot on. From the two options if I had to chose one I would personally go with the top one, and as tbwcf says have you tried it with a white background behind the thought bubble shape and then continuing the background fully behind that?

Will keep an eye out for it in the shops! ;)