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New PR Website

On first instance, I didn't really get what you do from the website. I'll have to be blunt and say I'm not keen on the overall aesthetic or the functionality of the website. If you insist on having that 'one browser' approach, then you must offer a button that takes you up to the top of the page because like most people, I can't be arsed to scroll up the screen! Far easier to hit Apple + W and just close it!

It's just not inviting I'm afraid, I don't want to 'explore' it and I don't want to try and sieve through it all and read on.

It would be harsh to say go back to the drawing board. But I really think you should. Sorry...
Cheers for the feedback.

You can actual navigate round the site using the menu on each section.

I have to admit the site does have a love / hate relationship with people, but really what we wanted to do was move as far away as possible from the corporate PR image that so many PR sites have. The usual images of handshakes and water.
No worries! I hope it wasn't too harsh.

I understand what you're trying to do, but a love hate relationship with your website, especially as you're aware of it, is a big no no! You're already cutting your chances in half (on the assumption half love and half hate it).

I think you could probably work on a similar aesthetic but definitely refine it, and definitely make it more user friendly for the general public.


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Now I didn't mind that at all.

I did use the scrolling method in our old website a couple years back till we redid it over Christmas - but the effect is still nice. I like the styling and did explore the site. The quick nav box to get you up and down isn't that obvious as i did scroll till i found the button.

Without being too critical of certain things on the site, I think I'd be happy with it. It at least has visual seperation from the rest of PR sites, which is good.
Thanks all.

I don't think the website has a love / hate - its more this style of navigation. As a team we felt it matched the site better by allow the user to scroll around it like a brochre rather than going from page to page.

Thanks Berry - Again one of our aims was to stand out from the crowd and move as far away as possible from the very boring PR image currently on the web (Goldfish are always popular too!)


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I like it, I had no trouble using it at all. I like the scribbly desktop aesthetic too. Only things I would say is it's a tad jarring to see the identical coffee stain twice (surely you can make a 2nd coffee stain!) and the Contact Us font looks suspiciously Coca-Cola. Other than that I really like it. Looks much more interesting than the usual sites you see for this kind of thing.
I guess I'm out numbered! haha

From my experience of paper back based literature, you tend to go from page to page rather than scroll through it. But I think that's just me picking up on a typo/ error.
I have now slightly tweaked the 'mini navigation' box to include a link right back to the top of the site. Hopefully that will make the user experience slightly better.

Thanks Jimlad - yeah I should slightly alter that second coffee stain - thanks for pointing it out! And yes that is the same font as Coca Cola, but the general feeling in the office was thatit worked.
Working fine on my machine. You might need to do a refresh on the site. There should be a link to 'HOMEPAGE' at the top of the mini navigation section. Also checked it on the Mac in the office and its fine on that too,