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New Portfolio Site Review



Hello again :)

I like this one a lot better than the last but there are still a couple of issues for me. The circles containing content are a bit buggy with their hover effects, the red overlay doesn't appear when you hover on text before the circle background. This is mostly an issue for the circles with lots of text that spans to the edges. Why is the category control for the content all the way on the left underneath the search field? It should be above the content circles because they are part of the same element.

Your logo is still a bit jagged, especially on the R. The tail on the Q of Harlequin is touching the the I of DIGITAL, it looks bad. The logo is also a little too big for the page.

The hover effect of your primary navigation has less contrast than the default state, this should be rectified. The style may also benefit from making the background of a hovered element take up a larger amount of space.

You've got a typo on the 5th content circle which is "privet". It should in fact be private.

You have not re-styled your CSS Outline property, which results in the ugly default dotted border on clicking links, i.e. your logo. Whilst we're on the header, why is the click-able area of the header wider than the image itself? White space should be kept as white space for people who want to be able to make that page the active window without accidentally clicking on a link and navigation away from the page they wanted to view.

It's a good start! Just a few things to tweak :)
There's alot I like about this site so I'll focus on those primarily - I love the fact its responsive so different screens and mobiles can all see it. A big, huge, massive plus for that. I like the simple navigation and white feel to it. Allows the work to speak for itself. Negatives: The cirlces could do with a really gentle inner shadow on them or something so that any white work is still contained and holds the shape of the site - Some of them are lost and floating to freely for me. Also the hover effects, I havent checked but what happens on an ipad or mobile where hover is rendered useless. Does it still provide a different state. I guess so but just wanted to ask.

Also I would bulk up your pag titles. The Homepage should list skills and links such as the logo design, book covers etc. Will help your site alot that. And do it on every page so the search engines can tell what each page is about.

All in all though, I really like it. It breaks away from big header, 3 boxes underneath, 3 more under that etc. And thats to be commended. Makes me wanna change mine haha.
Thanks man. Im not too sure what it does in a ipad as i havnt tried that yet lol. Im going to take your advice on the SEO things as im ranking sooooooo badly at the moment. Which is odd as i use keywords, have a fiar few link backs ect. Something that takes time i guess lol.

Thanks again man :)
no worries fella, for some added backlinks submit everypage to stumbleupon, delicious, digg etc. You will need to set up accounts but it will all help. Then join socialadr.com and submit each page to generate more social bookmarks. Then linkedin and ask people to critique the site etc, that drives traffic through it, and the inevitable G+ we've already talked about haha. Do some squidoo lenses to if ou fancy writing about a subject you like then put text links to the relevant pages. Well good that. Gets a high pagerank very quickly. Ive started following you on tumblr too so will share some work :)
Psst. Make sure you add your location on every page - looks like liverpool to me but it took a bloody age to find out. Look at my sites title and you can see what I mean....


Staff member
Oh... before the donut... I found an issue :(

In firefox (latest build) if you hover over a circle with a hyperlink, the hyperlink removes the red circle when you hover on it.