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New PC Monitors


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I'm planning on getting a new screen, or possibly two for my home office setup very soon, this one was looking good initially:

Samsung P2450H 24-inch Widescreen Full HD 1920 x 1080p Monitor (2ms, HDMI, Rose Red): Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

But after taking a read through some of the reviews, spotted this:

I use my monitor for design and so I have to have a good overall colour match across all areas of the screen. I felt with this Samsung - although good for overall web and email use - it was just too tricky figuring out what the correct colour was on-screen. For example if I had a grey screen - it would appear really dark grey at the top and really light at the bottom and so I had no idea what was the "true" colour for my designs. I suppose you get what you pay for and I've since sold this monitor and purchased a HP ZR24W IPS monitor where the angle of view is incredible and I would advise any designer thinking about purchasing this monitor to spend the extra money - almost double in the HP's case - and get one which has extreme viewing angles.
Wondered if anyone else has a Samsung screen and experienced the same issue as this reviewer, or whether the issue was being exaggerated due to lighting/position of screen?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
Also is it worth getting a Full HD screen if it's just going to be connected via VGA? I'm pretty sure I don't have DVI/HDMI connections on PC..

My old LG works monitor suffered from this - I was constantly stretching up to see the top part of the screen from a better angle, and squatting down in my chair to do the same at the bottom.

After 2 years (and lots of heavy hinting to my bosses) I kinda got used to it and 'learned' what I was seeing on screen and compensated for it. Initially it was a real PITA though.

I've used Apple Cinema and laptop displays over the last 7 years and found them to be the best, if money is no object; from where I'm sitting now the forum background is constant from top to bottom on my MacBook Pro screen.


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Greg, thats likely due to it being a tn panel, you don't want them if you want proper colour accuracy. I've got samsung displays and they've been fine.

Don't go for an apple display, plenty of other screens are just as good, hp, samsung, dell and nec all have displays that use the(S)IPS/(M)PVA panel that apple uses, its the panel, not the brand that is important.

As to using vga, I'd get a new graphics card if I'm honest, vga can give a good image if it's a high quality connection but it could also give a kind of motion blur (best description I can come up with) and it will just annoy.

Before any recommendations on screens have you got a budget, theres no point me listing a 400 quid screen if you don't want to spend that much :)


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Thanks for the replies guys.

leelovesbikestoo said:
I kinda got used to it and 'learned' what I was seeing on screen and compensated for it.
Think that's what I've done with my current screen!

Was looking at spending upto £400, and ideally wanted two screens for a dual setup, as have always wanted the extra space. Guess it may come down to a better quality single screen / or two not quite as good, but extra working space...

Just taken another look at my PC/Graphics card and it does have a DVI port after all.. good news I hope? :)


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you need two dvi ports for 2 screens remember :p

anyways you may just be able to squeeze 2 of these in for £400.02 plus postage.... (link - I personally recommended this company too as they offer a fantastic service)

Samsung F2380 review | Monitors | Education | Reviews | PC Pro - samsung f2380 (c-pva panel)

theres also the
NEC MultiSync EA231WMi - 23in Monitor review - Monitor reviews - TrustedReviews - nec multisync ea231wmi (ips panel) but thats slightly more expensive although some argue it's better than the samsung :)

Whichever you chose, remember you'll need to calibrate them to get accurate colours :)


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Thanks for the suggestions Levi, will take a closer look at those over the weekend.

Any recommendations for a decent video card with 2 x DVI ports?
(Won't be used for any gaming or video work, just graphics)


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assuming pci express socket I'd look at ati hd5450 or nvidia 210 series would be more than enough, the ati (I know this does as I have two of them) and I'm pretty sure the nvidia support h264 decoding etc with the right codec too.

If the unit has either a hdmi or a display port socket, it's just a simple cable or adapter to work with dvi so thats nothing major to worry over :)


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I was looking to do that originally Typo, but then I started finding all these new shiny screens on Amazon, will see how this works out cost wise..