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New Members - Little Britain


Senior Member
Ok im slightly obsessed with Little Britain, seen it live etc... but am I the only one who thinks of the Fat Fighters sketch, Do we have any neeeeeeew members when people post a thread "New Member"

Random post of night!


I completely agree with you Glen.. I think that Little Britain is one of the most unpleasant programs on TV :(
Little Britain.

Was good.

Got too big.

Same jokes.

Stopped being funny.

They made coffee cups with daft voices and pencil cases and paper plates and stop.

Was good, aint now, fact, the end, computer says...


Senior Member
I never got it, but then there seem to be alot of these sorts of shows I don't get. I didn't find the fast show that funny, mighty boosh...
yeah Little Britain went down hill, no fresh sketches...just the same old same old jokes in a different setting.

Peep Show on the other hand....amazing....