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New member!

Hi all, I new here, my names Martin and I have just started up an online print store called rockprint.co.uk. If anyone would like to take a look and let me know what you think, that would be great. It's my first attempt at building a website so be gentle with me. I come from a prepress background.

May be worth clarifying on your homepage, that the 'Free UK Delivery' headline (on your homepage) does not include all of the UK? Could be construed by TS as misleading? Just a thought.

Worth also testing the website in all current version browsers.


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Worth also testing the website in all current version browsers.
Yes, and some sh*t ones as well. :icon_wink:

Agree with MM that your headline of 'Free UK Delivery' is misleading when you drill down into it. From a design point of view I'd maybe thing about your spacing a bit more. Your text is right up against the left hand side of your main content area and your headings have no bottom margin and so they blend into the paragraphs a bit. Your site is only 780px wide and it could easily stand to be as much as 960px which would give you some more room to play with. 800px was the standard a few years ago but now monitors have got bigger and clearer you can comfortably go with a wider website.

Also think your horizontal nav is letting the site down a bit. Not sure what the thinking is to have the rollover effect make the text even smaller. It is small enough as it is. Just looks a bit naff.

Hope that is constructive and not too harsh.
I will change the strap to say UK mainland........Good call on the browser versions, I have not tested on explorer yet. I'm a mac man but still using power pc with out of date safari and firefox. looks ok on these and the new safari on ipad.