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New member

Hi everyone. Just joined the forum so thought I would drop a quick introduction about what i do and more importantly what I am looking to gain from this forum.

I started doing graphic design around 2 years ago and since then have been doing it on and off for a while. When I first started i barely knew how to use the tools in the programme I use or how to do a quick basic picture. Since then I have taught myself the basics such as adding backgrounds, font effects etc. Everytime I started a picture I always tried to do something new, something bigger and better and with feedback from a friend notice how much I had improved from the early days when i first started graphic design.

I wouldn't class myself as an advanced graphic designer but I am able to produce alot of different styles from album artwork to posters and flyers and have had some great feedback about my work.

I am looking to gain more customers from this forum so if you would like to know anything else then please reply to this thread or contact me at: Elwoodgraphics@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks :)
hi there, welcome to the forum. Well we're all looking for work too so you will have to keep a close eye out for work posts as we will all want a look too.