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New member

Hi all,

New member here. I'm based down in London, working for a big accountancy firm as my day job, but in the evenings I moonlight as a video game designer.

I'm leading a small independent team working on our first title at the moment, and because we're such a small team and have a limited budget I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I do a lot of GUI/HUD concept work and also the website work for the team, as I have reasonable Photoshop skills and I'm quite particular about the visual style of our work, so my expertise in that area is something I want to build on in the future.

I frequent a whole bunch of different forums, partly to seek feedback and learn about that particular discipline, but also because I tend to pick up freelancers for contract work on the various forum boards too. I usually hang around on forums more orientated towards the gaming industry, but in my experience good graphic designers are very thin on the ground on that sort of board. Hence, I'm broadening my horizons!

Look forward to meeting you all,


Senior Member
Hello Chris. Welcome! Very cool that you do video game design. What kind of games if I may ask? I play PC games regularly myself.