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Well i have browsed this forum for a while as a friend of mine/freelancer uses it. Br3n, Brendan did me some work designing my new personal website and i must say he did an amazing job!

Being a web designer you know what is possible, well what you think is possible and it is not till you get a designer who pushes the boundaries on what he would like to see on that page does it push you as a coder to actually achieve it! I learnt so much because i had too! He came up with a swweet as design that i just wanted to recreat as much as possible!

To see his & my work = Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier

Massive props to Brendan as a designer, he was exellent and i probably wasnt the easiet client, its ok when the work is for someone else but when it is for me i wanted it to be just right! And i have to say we got there! It was probabaly not having the clearest brief or knowing exactly what style i wanted! But Brendan pointed me in the right direction and delivered the goods! Cheers Dude!

Im Just updating my work site at the moment, im a freelance webdesigner, more coder etc... getting deisgns into code etc... but trade under a buisness name. Found it the best way personally for me to get work!




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welcome to DF :D

i've heard nothing but awesome stuff about Br3n, and TBH i've pretty jealous of his mad photoshop skillz, izzit. :D :batman:


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Hi Craig,

Welcome to Design Forums! Love the site Brendan designed for you, and nice work in translating the design to the working site, I'm sure it had its challenges!! Good to see some of your other work examples too, how far off is your own site from completion? (It's always the project that ends up at the bottom of the pile isn't it!)

Looking forward to hearing more from you around the forums.
Thanks, Greg


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I did a new design about 2 weeks ago to go on a massive push for business, but just wasn't happy when it was completed so started again! Only started yesterday and am about 50% there so hopefully by end of week.

Am pushing into the different areas that are not quite touched, like the online brochure area.

Companies can there market it in there adds as Going Green and all that bull****.

Its tough round here, 3 large firms seem to have gone in last 6 months, so if i can market and portray and deliver the work that a larger firm does but while at freelancer costs then people are happy!

I am very honest from the initial meeting that it is just me in the company and time to time other designers ( out sourced work) and most prefer that, as they tell me something what they want, and its not like i then have to portray that to a designer or coder . . .

It was a tough descion to go either way. As of my sport as a rider it would be a nightmare to trade under own name. Sometiems get injuries and post these on site, or off on trips so can give wrong impression to new clienets etc...