New member without a degree :)


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Wow guys, thanks for all your answers/stories.. It was great to read about your experiences. And also, you made me feel a bit better.. I also always believed that you don't need a degree for anything that you already know to do and do it well.. But I don't know.. Sometimes I feel discouraged looking at all those great portfolios and stuff.. I always felt that the degree would take me to that "wow" point but when I look back at everything that I do and learned from real experience, I believe that I will (with time) feel confident enough.
As for the college experienced.. Mine was pretty crappy also.. Our college didn't do anything right.. All we did was drawing on papers, didn't have a computers or digital art courses.. No education in self promotion, marketong, fashion industry.. It was a waste of time. When I think about it now-if I spent all those 5 years at home studying stuff that could actually help me find a job and gain experience they would be much better wasted..