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New member with Questions!


I am an interior designer and am woking on updating my portfolio at present. I have previously kept to an A3 format which works well in print as well as online, (I use indesign).

However I am thinking that visually it would be best to have no.2 A2 pages, therefore I could fit a whole project between two pages which is visually more arresting in print and more succinct than no.4 A3 pages, or trying to fit it into two A3 pieces and having to slim down the work too much.

My questions are:

How does an A2 document saved as a PDF which can be viewed online look? Does it come across as an A3 with everything very small? Is this something that people do?

Ive always gone with a landscape page as its easier to bind in print, however I'm thinking of going portrait as I think again that A2 in portrait in print will be more arresting.

Could anyone advise an opinion either way on this? Is a portrait A2 portfolio going to look good when accessed online and in print? Or should I stick to the A3 landscape?

Thanks very much,

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum. To answer your question, how it looks depends on how the PDF is created/outputted Generally the text/images will be smaller if the PDF is fit on screen, but the viewer can zoom/scroll though it's best not to force them to.

Personally I'd suggest creating a smaller version (both in filesize and dimensions) specifically for showing your work online though to avoid complications.
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