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New member, new year :-)

Hi Everyone,

I am a freelance graphic/Web Designer living in Bristol. I have over six years industry experience and have been freelancing for a couple of years now.

A brief overview of skill set:

* Standards compliant XHTML: All my code is always written by hand.

* Strong SEO knowledge

* Over five years of professional website design & front end development experience

* Over six years of professional Print Graphic Design; branding, corporate literature, direct mail, exhibitions practice

Looking forward to communicating on the forum.

welcome to design pitch - freelance website designer mike griggs :: Bristol :: Exeter :: Taunton :: Bath :: Cardiff


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leelovesbikestoo said:
Hi DP.

Typo, I thought your gas mask avatar was a reference to impending nuclear/biowarfare doom. I'm guessing it's just a late night snapshot.
Doctor Who 2005 - The Empty Child. YouTube it my friend.

"...are you my mummy?"


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leelovesbikestoo said:
Nah, I'm sure he's just a perv.
True. It's not a Gimp mask tho. It's a world war II gas mask fused to the face of a mindless little boy who unwittingly spreads physical injuries identical to his own in the form of a plague while wandering around worriedly asking for his mummy.

Not sure which is weirder! :p but it's got Victor Meldrew in it playing a doctor.