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New Member! Model maker.

funky lemon

Junior Member
Hi everyone.

Just thought I would introduce myself and explain what it is I do.

I am a qualified Model designer which means I design and make scale models for many different industries and carry out design projects in many creative areas.

Here are some images to give you a better idea.

We have recently developed an option for increased level of detail which is ideal for housing models and apartment blocks. Take a look and feedback any thoughts you may have good or bad!

I also offer laser cutting and engraving services as well as web design, construction and hosting.
Take a look at my website for more information and images.

Funky Lemon Design uk - Model making, Model design, Architectural models. Laser cutting & engraving, website design & hosting.


New Member
Hello and Welcome funky lemon!

The models are very detailed and realistic, great work!

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.