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New Macbook - Whoop!


Senior Member
My bro got me my first macbook for Chrimbo (his old one -9 months old, but not powerful enough for him) and just after any recommendations for the best software for it, Stuff you cant live without!

I know there are llists and lists on google etc, just interested in what you have


Senior Member
It has already replaced my windoze based laptop, so in essence everything.

Specifically it will be my dev machine - I used Notepad++ though which isnt a Mac based prog so need something to do me coding on.


Senior Member
coda or espresso are really nice coding apps.

only £20 or so, but obvs not freeware.

are you only coding on it? what else are we looking at here?


Senior Member
i have to do some print prep work - though i assume i will have to use illustrator for that.

Other work will be some photo work from my dSlr etc

Any general purpose apps people recommend?

edit- forgot to say thanks for the replies.


Active Member
Yeah Coda is a really nice app I've not used notepad++ but imagine its on par. Cyber duck is a reasonable free ftp program. smultron is a nice free text/html editior... can't think of much else at the moment that is mac specific...


Senior Member
Everyone's getting new Macs i want a new one! This one is getting s-l-o-w! When are we getting an Apple store in Newcastle, might start saving?!