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New Mac Notebooks


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Anyone seen the new MacBook and MacBook Pro released yesterday on Apple.com...
They don't look a great deal different to the previous designs, but apparently are 'engineered to standards that don't even exist yet'... anyone getting one?

I still want an iMac!


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My bro is ordering one out in Canada, where they seem so much cheaper.

I think they look nice, id be interested to see the battery specs, are they welded in? One of the Airs biggest shortfalls.

Still beautiful looking things though


I got a shock at how expensive they were. I thought these were suppose to be 'better value for money'


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Im amazed all the time by Dell, some of their offers are staggering, and I deal with Dell almost daily, so I can say from experiance their support is brilliant.

I dont recommend anything else when im asked tbh - A decent laptop for £300 cant be scoffed at!


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Yep I've always heard good things about Dell, think they have a good support/service reputation in an industry where support seems to get a bad rep in general!

Which one are you getting Brett?


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Looks good, got some decent speed & memory on it, and a nice little bonus with the blu-ray, you'll have to give us all a little review once you've been using it for a few weeks ;)

Sticking with my 2 year old macbook pro for now. Love the new designs but for the price hike and the gentle spec bump its not worth it in my eyes! Wish it was, another excuse to buy something new :)
I persuaded a friend to get one when I was in Singapore a few weeks ago (thanks to the exchange rate, it was actually more expensive than it would have been here!).

It's nice. The keyboard is cool, and the shell is cut from one piece of metal, instead of various parts being bolted/welded together in previous models, which I guess makes it much more durable.

I brought a 17" MacBook Pro about 3 weeks before these new ones came out. But I'd prefer this anyway, until they release a 17" version of the new ones you can get more processing power in the old ones (dual 2.6GHz). AND you have the choice of having a matte finish screen, so your face doesn't reflect back at you and you can actually see what you're doing! Those glossy, high reflective screens are rubbish.


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Well... they may cost more but they last a lot longer and are more stable then any pc. I think thats why they say it is more value for money.

I am using the macbook 13" and I am really happy with it. Got tired of my pc crashing so I bought this and have had no problems with it what so ever. The only upgrade I have done is from 2Gb RAM to 4Gb.

Regards, Dan


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I dont have one at the moment...and Im not sure if I will.

I do need a laptop and am working on Mac for evrything else so will be getting an apple laptop. I'de be tempted to get a 13inch macbook (previews gen.) then one of the new ones to save a few quid...but then again - I do LOVE the look of the new ones and how it would look so nice sat next to my imac!

Its definately something to consider...but I think Apple have a made a mistake with there pricing...maybe a price drop is in the priceline once the stock of the older generation has been dislodged?