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New Logo.

Hi there!
Lately I have been designing some logos for myself, something that is simple, clean, modern and resembling my initials " C and W" . However i cannot decide if I 100% like it or not:icon_dunno:.
What do you think?


Staff member
I too am thinking deconstructed Volkswagen logo. A logo so similar to the VW brand could be seen as an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the company, which would do you harm in the long run.
Thanks for the input!

Yeah I did have volkswagen running through my head and so I have decided to change it and go back to my original ideas of coming up with a unique W as the letter W feels like the most powerful letter in Wilt and so it can represent it imo. Anyway I have come up with this, a W for Wilt. Im going to keep tweeking it untilll I get a few variations of it.. Did a search and I couldn't seem to find anything similair..