New logo. Would love some opinions.

should I use this logo?

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Hi, Im new here so hello all.
Im in the middle of redesigning my website and i thought i would take the opportunity to rebrand also. I work for the most part as a freelance artist for games, websites and on occasion some print work. I have been considering changing the name and logo i trade under for a while and was hoping that i could get some honest critique on a possible name and logo i am considering for the future. please be a brutally honest as you like.

thanks in advance :)


Tom Sound

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I like it. Only thing is you may have trouble differentiating between the subtle colour differences between the oranges when printed, especially digitally :up:


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ok I can see the idea, the 01 representing bits (in computer terms) but the target market could also see that as 2 bits, 0 and 1 being individual bits and if you were to expand on that it could read as 2 bit design.

2 bit has an urban meaning of cheap, poor quality etc so might be worth considering that possible view on things.

I know you're going to say that that is a random perspective but if I saw it and I'm not a coder ( although admittedly I do like computers, tech etc) then it's entirely possible a coder may see it....
Lol. I saw that too. Someone suggested putting a pipe seperater between the 01 so it could be seen as 0 or 1 but I think that would take away from the simplicity I want.