New Logo, what do you think feedback please.


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Hi guys after not really getting what I wanted with the people who have built the website,
I decided to try myself,

What do you think?


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Hi Kong, Welcome aboard.
I would also suggest introducing yourself to the community here Introductions

As for your might want to explain in some detail about what your website and or logo is for, purpose of design ect. You will get a much better response from the community by doing this first, before posting randoms.



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Hi Simon,

To quote your introduction post;
kong86 said:
I am not a designer , but i do like to use photoshop .
You can see that's the case with the logo. Think about your target audience & what this is telling them, or not as the case may be. Start with brainstorming ideas & concepts, leave Photoshop/PC/Mac to one side and concentrate on getting an idea, a concept, that will communicate what it is the company/site does, and what makes them unique.

Good luck!