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New Logo Feedback


New Member
Hi All,

I'm was hoping to get some feedback on some new logo design concepts for a project I'm working on called Code.gov.

The mission of Code.gov is to leverage the power of code sharing and collaboration to help the US Government cut down on duplicative software development and save millions of taxpayer dollars for the American people. Any comments are appreciated.

Think Open Source Software for the government.



Paul Murray

Staff member
You've only really got one concept here, just 5 slight variations of it. The last two I'd disregard since it just says 'code' but the project should presumably be titled 'code.gov'

The building motif likely won't scale down too well. I'm guessing it's the White House but I'm not quite getting that idea from it (it's not tall enough). I'd look at simplifying it and maybe focussing more in the 'code.gov' text. First idea off the top of my head, lose the building and incorporate a flagpole or something into the text. That's a terrible idea, don't do that, but maybe think about getting across the idea of government in a less literal way than an actual government building.