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New kid on the Block

Hi ,

Just wanted to introduce myself having just registered on the site.

Been a Graphic Designer for just over two years since Graduating in July 2006.

Now have ichy feet and am currently looking for a position in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Tyne and Wear area. Any introductions would be welcomed!

All for sharing good ideas and skills and looking forward to making new contacts/friends in the industry.




Active Member
Hi Michael,

Welcome to Design Forums :) just seen some of your work in the portfolio updates section and it looks really good! Do you have a portfolio up online at all? Where did you graduate from in 2006?


PS- I'm sure Mike, a member here, will be a big fan of the work you did for the Newcastle F.C Experience!
Thanks Berry hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply.

The Foundation Degree I completed was with Northumbria University although the course was delivered by Newcastle College School of Art. I did it this way as this was a more practical based course.

The only examples of my work are on recruitment sites I am using at the present time.

Mike must be a Newcastle fan obviously as mad as me!