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New IT support website

Hi Guys and girls, I have recently redesigned my IT Support website, I am not a designer but can use photoshop and dreamweaver a bit so I thought I would bring it up to date a bit.
I have used a bit of jQuery so that it's not too static, I've also tried to make it more colourful, the previous one was just plain blue with no real colour at all.
Please let me know what you think and if you would make any changes.



IT Support | Computer Repair | PC Service | Chelmsford | Witham | Essex
first thing I notice is the nivo slider, it looks vey out of place and because of the size of the logo tab, the alignment is all over the place. I would be tempted to make the logo tab smaller so that it only overlaps the nivo slider by around 20-30px, then I would make the nivo slider fill the height of the blue background but keeping the width to the wrapper, doing this means taking away the circular navigation of the nivo slider which would be a good thing as really the only navigation you need is inside the slider.

one other thing is, I would get rid of the link to freebie jeebies in the footer, not really a site you want to associate an serious IT support company with. As an IT manager myself full time, if I was sourcing an IT company and I saw they were associate with what seems to be a SPAM site, I would go elsewhere with no hesitation.
The layout is ok if somewhat generic. The typography is terrible. Some better typography would make a huge difference on this site. The marquee thing in the bottom looks very dated. I'd ditch it or just replace it with static images instead. Blue lines around images don't work, get rid of them. Thicker white borders could work perhaps.

I know you're looking for feedback on the site design, but the logo looks very dull and unprofessional . So I think no matter what you do to the site design it still won't really look great with that logo. I'd start by nailing the identity first and then move on to the site design.

Just my 2 cents..hope it helps.
ok, I've changed some of the text on the front page and put it in paragraphs so hopefully that makes it easier to read and looks a bit better, I've stretched the footer so now that fits in with the sizings on the rest of the page and ties it together a bit better.

Next things to do are...

1. Find a way to get the logo in the menu bar but still be big enough to stand out (maybe a redesigned logo required).
2. Once the above is done then I can stretch the Nivo Slider to fit the blue bar completely
3. Re-colour the blue bar and get the slides to match the background colour so it looks like the whole blue bar is changing.
4. Get a better image for the contact us page (dont like the yellow phone)
5. find/create a new background to make it more modern.
6. change the borders round the images.

Anything else you can guys can think of?

Thanks again for all the feedback, nice to have someone else look over it as everyone sees things differently and to have a professional opnion helps even more.

Thanks, I owe you all a beer. :)