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New here!

Hi there all

Just found this forum searching the web, like ya do! LOVE IT! I'm just at the beginning of thinking about going freelance. I'm a stay at home mum with a two year old girl (can't have any more so...) want to give this a whirl for when she starts school and I'm at a loose end so to speak!

I haven't worked for a while so I'm a little rusty but getting there. I specialized in illustration but ended up in graphics by chance working for an agency doing advertising recruitment that kind of stuff mainly for the financial sector. Was made redundant and have been hankering to do it again since. Obviously there are not many jobs especially if you've been out of the game for so long too! :icon_confused: So I'm taking the leap! I am in a fairly lucky position in that my husband is the old fashioned provider sort so whatever I make is extra...no risk hehe! But for some reason I'm terrified! I nearly died when I had my little one so this is my 'new me' jumping in feet first!

I find this forum addictive but have never posted until now. Nice to 'meet' you all! :icon_biggrin:


Well-Known Member
Hi, and welcome. Careful, it can get TOO addictive. It's quite easy to come off and realise you've just wasted an hour!