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New Graphic Design Portfolio site

Hi guys,

I've been spending the past month or two working on my portfolio/website and CV to sell myself as a graphic designer. I've just completed my portfolio website and was wondering what you all think?

Matthew Bryce - Graphic Designer

I've included my CV too, which i still think needs a bit more work. And I will be working on the "coming soon" works in the new year.

Would really appreciate the feedback.



Stationery Direct

Staff member
Work looks good, not much to see though really, you need to get more pieces on there.

What's with the website background or is it my monitor making it sort of flash/move, not feeling that.
Design's ok, code needs a lot of work, use alt tags on the images, add some doctype language attributes and javascript should be at the bottom of the page
I think it's ok, though I'd scrap the background image which hurts my eyes and perhaps make the contact more visible.

It's different, but for a portfolio site I like the minimalism.