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New, from Malta


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Hi there. I'm a Malta-based British graphic designer. My company is jointly run and owned by myself and my Maltese business partner. We've been at this game for a while but are always open to new ideas - having realised early on that the more you learn the less you discover you know, so the more you have to learn!


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Greg said:
Welcome to Design Forums malmark :) I was going to say you're our first forum member from Malta, but then remembered a photographer who stopped by for three posts back in 2009!
Feel free to add your website link to your forum signature.

Look forward to hearing more from you around DF.
Thanks, Greg
I used to work with Alan a few years back - he's a great photographer. Thanks to all for the welcome. Looking forward to putting in my 2 cents (or pence) worth when I can!


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Small World! or Malta in this case :)
Really like the packaging designs you guys have done for Gran Farina flour, slightly off-topic but have you thought about submitting it to TheDieline.com packaging design blog? (may be good exposure/link benefits). Also really like the colour scheme for the Dragonara Casino branding, very nice!

Look forward to reading your tuppence.