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New forum

Hiya guys, Hope all is well.

I am wanting to start a local community forum, but have no knowledge of what I need or how to do it.
Would anybody be willing in giving me a quote to start it up/design it for me.

Kind regards



Active Member
Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forums.. Why give us a little bit of information about yourself first, then post in the
Design Project Tenders & Requests sub section.

Before posting a tender request I would suggest you take a few mins out, use the search engines to try and nail down some background knowledge first. If your still wanting to go ahead with this type of project then, posting it in the above link will give you the best chance of some one coming back to you.

Hi geoff,

Thanks for your reply :)

What do you mean by background knowledge, I know what I want from a current forum site that is similar. But not sure about doing myself.