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New company site just gone live

Hi Guys,

I don't get on here as much as I did when I was freelance but I try to drop in from time to time.

The company I now work for have just launched their new website which I designed and for the most part put together in our own bespoke CMS.

Computer Services Bristol, Bristol Computer Services | soVision - Computer Services Bristol

The company offer many services IT related and the web design and development team which I am part of is just one small area - so it's been a big issue to equally represent each department and keep everyone happy.

I'd say it's the biggest project I've worked on in a long time so I wouldn't mind some feedback from my peers.



Staff member
Ok, I'll be honest, I'm not too keen on the overall design so I'll sling down the main bits that to me stand out....

using latest firefox and this is purely on the looks of it
- the white border is different widths, the ticker and the 4 section selector is thinner than the lower down bit
- too many variations of the same colours, different greys and blues mainly
- the four section selector, looks odd having 2 blue bits when each other section has it's own colour, don't think the choices of colour work together either but that may be down to the two blues....
- the footer seems too dark, especially with the blue (another one), it might look better with a different background colour, maybe a lighter shade of grey like the one on the sub boxes on the page....
- your twitter/linked in etc is off centre due to the text, I'd personally centre the icons and have the text slightly to the left
- the ticker/search bar section, some of the spacings are different, would look better being all the same distance apart and from the sides
Levi, thanks for the your honesty and the critique. I will seriously consider all of your comments although wheather I get to change anything is another matter.

But just out of interest what operating system and set up are you running? I've looked PC and Mac on Firefox (latest version) and couldn't see any of the spacing issues you've pointed out?


Staff member
win 7 pro x64, pc, lastest 3.x firefox with the usual plugins (ie flash, silverlight, adblocker etc)

circled/lined the bits I'm referring to :) Had to use red and green to stand out