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New clothing brand looking for logo


I am in the process of developing my own clothing brand, generally looking at targeting males between the ages of 16-30.

I need someone to design my first initial logo from scratch, something simple, modern and stands out to this particular audience. My budget would be up to £50 as i dont want the logo at first to be too complicated whilst i look for the public reaction and thoughts to the initial designs.

The company name will include the word 'Identity' somewhere so i dont know if this is enough to get someone started?

Thanks in advance

Paul Murray

Staff member
Am I correct in assuming the name is "Sole Identity"? This is a model of shoe by Reebok, and I presume is trademarked.

As Levi stated, a budget of £50 is unlikely to get you what you require, especially from members of this forum. Essentially £50 will get you an hour of a professional designer's time, which is not even enough time to understand your market and the needs of your audience. A budget of £350 – £500 is an average starting figure for a half-way fleshed out brand identity.

There are places to get logos done for £50 but I won't be advertising them here.
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